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31 December 2014: Progress on modding Intel DG43RK "Rockfish" BIOS image
So far, the BIOS image has been patched to disable MEM/PFM combination (required to properly support PCIe graphics cards), and MCHBAR has been unlocked to enable setting extended RAM settings. The board appears to be using some kind of transitional specification between EFI1 and UEFI2 and does not run Ozmosis. However, it may be possible to port Clover and inject it into the BIOS image. The board is very picky about RAM, and it is hard to obtain a stable configuration. Our next step is to address the RAM issue and then move on to audio and injecting the bootloader.
1 March 2014: HDMIAudio updated with support for NVidia and AMD cards
Previously known as NVAudio, the kext now supports enabling HDMI audio for non-Apple NVidia and AMD cards on OS X.