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7 February 2013: Changes to Our Product Line-Up
eXvision is excited to offer three new products and services:
  • eXvision Rentals – a comprehensive computerised property management system
  • Custom Agency Management Software – online data management systems for small businesses
  • eXvision Ayos – an HTML template engine for web development professionals
miniPHP Studio remains a part of our line-up but is not in active development.
11 April 2012: Join the Crew
We're looking for C, C++, and PHP programmers to help us with the miniPHP project.
21 February 2011: miniPHP Studio for Mac is now available!
miniPHP Studio 0.4.0 is our first release for Mac OS X and features a number of exciting new features, including an object-oriented native UI wrapper, instant project preview, and a refined interface for editing code.
With a comprehensive programming manual, beginner tutorials, and intricate example projects, miniPHP Studio provides the complete experience for building GUI applications using PHP.
Windows version and cross-compilation features are not yet available, but their development is underway.
15 January 2009: miniPHP Development Progress Newsletter
We have been doing aggressive development on the next revision of miniPHP Studio, pre-release revision 4 (PR4). The newsletter can keep you up to date with our latest progress.