miniPHPJoin the Crew

We are looking for new developers to join our crew.

There are three parts to the project:

(PHP SAPI module)
(UI wrapper)
(project editor)
Language: C
Skill level: Advanced

miniPHP core's primary function is to parse PHP scripts. It also defines OS-specific interfaces for managing application resources, as well as a mechanism for loading PHP extensions.

By design, miniPHP is the Zend PHP engine built as an SAPI module represented by a single binary that does not depend on external libraries. It is capable of running in command-line mode.
Language: C++
Skill level: Advanced

wxBinder is a PHP extension that provides access to the operating system's UI features, including windows, controls, dialogs, and other widgets, from within PHP scripts executed by miniPHP.

By design, wxBinder is an intermediary between PHP and wxWidgets. However, replicating the syntax and featureset of wxWidgets in PHP would be impractical and is not an aim.
Language: PHP
Skill level: Intermediate

IDE provides an easy-to-use interface for managing PHP scripts, resources, and extensions and bundling them with miniPHP core and wxBinder into a finished application.

By design, IDE is a collection of PHP scripts executed by miniPHP, accompanied by graphics and other static resources. IDE is what we release to the public as miniPHP Studio.

Benefits of joining:

How to join:

  1. Decide which part of the project you're interested in developing.
    You need to be skilled in the programming language that part is written in.

  2. Take a language proficiency test for your chosen part: [ Core and wxBinder | IDE ]
    Please use only your existent knowledge in completing the test. Do not look anything up.

  3. We review your result and see whether you passed.
    If you passed, we ask you for additional information, such as other projects you're involved in.

  4. We review the additional information you submitted.
    If you have the proper credentials, we send you a challenge assignment.

  5. We review your submission of the challenge assignment.
    If it meets the criteria for quality coding practices, you qualify to join the crew.

  6. Over IM and VNC, we show you how the code is organized and how we compile it.
    We then add you to our SVN, send you the development files, and list you as a crewmember.

Current crew: